12 August 2010

Follow up on "Reading the end of a book first"

So many interesting answers! Thanks to everyone who shared their reading habits. 
It seems that there are three kind of readers: (it would be interesting to know if there are any scientific papers on reading habits)

  • The ones who never ever read the end first because they dislike spoilers and can't enjoy a book with knowing the end. 
  • The ones who may peek from time to time. 
  • The ones who always peek (like me!) because they enjoy a book more this way and because they don't want to buy/read a book with a sucky ending. 

Years ago I read a book and loved it but when I read the end it was so bad and wrong. I was actually quiet mad because I had spend my time reading a book and then the end just sucked. From that moment one I started reading the end first. 
I also like spoilers because otherwise I tend to think a lot about the books I read and get way too anxious. 
I think it's great that not everyone reads a book the same way. 

Everybody should read a book exactly like he/she wants and shouldn't listen to what others say is "the right way" or "normal".


  1. I agree, reading is a personal thing!

  2. Oh,i couldn't even imagine knowing the end of a book!Certainly,there are times i may take a glance at the last page,butjust the last sentence.All this anxiety is what makes a book good for me.Surely,there are times where the ending is so bad you get mad,but still... i want my ending unknown!
    There must be somewhere i research on reading habbits!I'll make a short research and inform you if i find anything!

  3. Same thing happened to me. I was reading a trilogy of books, the first two were great and then the ending of the third book completely ruined everything for me. I'd spent days reading those books, spent money all to be disappointed by the end. So now I like to check. It's just the way I am, I guess! :P

  4. I am a number 3 kind of person---mostly because I want to enjoy reading it and don't want to stress over the ending. Has that made me not buy a book, yep but if I had spent the whole time reading the book I would have been more pissed LOL. In fact this happened last night, I picked up a book that looked good but then read the end--found out they were apart for 3 years while she went back to her first husband and were only getting back together the last few pages. I like my romances to be on going LOL. I am sure there was a lot of good tension and that 3 years was barely covered but not my kind of story :)

  5. Absolutely, I agree you should read the way you want there isn't a wrong way it's personal preference.

  6. I agree that the reading experience is personal. However, I will never understand you peekers! ;)

  7. I definitely don't like reading the last lines for the fear of accidentally spoiling the reading experience.

    Though I *have* been disappointed in the past. And it *may* have made me throw the book across the room. :)




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