16 August 2010

Author message boards ...

There are two author message boards that I'm an active member of. Both are IMO easy to use and nice places.

The first one is adwoff, a message board by and for fans of Nora Roberts. Nora stops by there regularly and I enjoy chatting with others who also like her books.

The second board I'm a member of is the SEP message board. The board is part of the homepage of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and a great place to meet other Seppies. SEP is around most days and it's always exciting to hear about her writing progress, etc.

On both boards I have made friends and although I'm not posting all the time (I'm really not that social :)) it's always nice to talk with other people who love books in general and both authors just as much as I do. Of course there are sometimes also people who I don't like but I think that's normal. 

I'm curious and want to know if you are a member of a message board of/for an author. Have you had good experiences or negative ones?


  1. No, I'm not a member at any author message boards, but I follow and comment on several author blogs :-)

  2. ps. I'm still in love with your beautiful new design :-D

  3. I'm not a member of any boards but I follow several authors blogs and the interaction there is usually very good.


  4. Michelle Bardsley is the only one currently though I am thinking about joining Lara Adrian's and Sherrilyn Kenyons.

  5. The way eharlequin works their author blogs it is almost like a message board. I'm not much for message books myself.

  6. I'm not a member of any authors message boards. I think I'm way to shy for that or perhaps I have an unusual dislike for those message boards in general. No idea why. I prefer twitter and blogs. And I agree with Stella: your template is made of awesome.

  7. Of course you know that I am a member on the SEP bulletin board for nine(!!) years now. I think it's a great place on the www and I haven't found another board yet, which is as good-hearted as hers. I haven't checked out NR's board though.




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