15 July 2010

Review: Shoulder bags and Shootings - Dorothy Howell

Shoulder bags and Shootings by Dorothy Howell
published July, 2010
#3 in the Haley Randolph Mystery series
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Haley is back home from Europe and thinks that her relationship with Ty is finally a serious one. But once again Ty, who had to stay back in Europe, seems to put work first. When a murdered woman is found in the car Haley was driving she is the number one suspect. Things get even more complicted when the FBI takes over the case and Haley decides that it's her best chance to solve the crime on her own.

"Shoulder bags and Shooting" is just as hilarious and entertaining as the first two books in the series. Haley once again is on the hunt for the newest It-bag however being the prime suspect in a murder is no fun. This time Haley is not lying to the cops but still everything points her way. Haley is still unsure about what to do in the future and her relationship with Ty is not so perfect. 
I like how Haley handled the murder and how she stood up for one of her colleagues. It's great that she is still as witty and fashion-obsessed as in the first book of the series. I'm very curious about how her relationship with Ty will continue in the future because I think that he might not be what she needs. There are three men in Haley's life and I definitely have a favourite (not the obvious one). I also enjoyed that although Haley is flirting with the new guy she stays faithful to Ty. 

"Shoulder bags and Shootings" is a very entertaining book full of funny and hilarious scenes. It's a great book to relax for some hours and to stop taking everything too serious. 


  1. It is really nice to get a light read once in a while to just relax over. This sounds like an ideal book for that!

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