06 July 2010

Review: Purses and Poison - Dorothy Howell

Purses and Poison by Dorothy Howell
published July 2009; contemporary romance
#2 in the Haley Randolph Mysteries series
bought my copy

Designer bag obsessed Haley Randolph's life is only great at first glance. She finally started with college but realizes that it's not something she enjoys. And her boyfriend/boss Ty Cameron isn't really so perfect and never seems to have time for her.
When Haley helps out at an employee lungeon at work and Ty's ex-girlfriend is murdered at the event things get even more complicated. Haley doesn't want people to know that she helped out (because it would make her look pathetic) so she once again starts lying to Ty and the cops (just like in the first book of the series). What starts with some harmless white-lies soon turns into something serious and Haley sees no chance to get out of the situation. So she decides to solve the crime on her own to get back her normal life. But Haley is not the only one who's having secrets and soon things get dangerous. 

Haley is back and she's just as entertaining and great as she was in the first book of the series. I enjoyed reading about the changes she made in her life and that she gives college at least a try. She has become more mature however is still obsessed with designer handbags and clothes. I like Haley because she's a fun and nice person who looks for her place in life. She seems totally self-confident but she is often very insecure about herself and her life. I think everyone can relate to some of the things that Haley goes through although with her everything is over the top. 

The book was just as much fun as the first one and I had to laugh and smile a lot. If you don't take things to serious "Purses and Poison" is a great and very entertaining book. I'm already excited to read more of Haley's life and I will definitely get the next book in the series. 

So all in all I pretty much enjoyed everything about "Purses and Poison" because it's funny, outragous and very entertaining. 


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  2. I hope the comments are getting to you as there is some problem with blogger right now!

    Thanks for the review and I just love the cover!

  3. This looks like one I'll definitely want to check out. I love the cover too, its adorable.

  4. Following you back from FMBT! Thanks for stopping by today! I love your blog, very informative! Enjoy your week!




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