20 July 2010

Review: Kiss me if you can - Carly Phillips

Kiss me if you can by Carly Phillips
published July 27, 2010
first book in the Most Eligible Bachelor series
got the book (digital version) for review

When crime reporter Sam Cooper (Coop) foils a robbery he has no idea that this single event will change his life completly. Because of his actions the media declares him New York's most eligible bachelor and women begin to follow him everywhere.
But that's just the start. Because of the ring he got as a thank you for spoiling the robbery Coop meets Lexie Davis who is so much more than just another groupie. She doesn't care about the whole most eligible bachelor thing. She wants to buy the ring as a present for her beloved grandma who owns a necklace in a similar style. Coop and Lexie feel the attraction between them from the first moment and both are eager to get to know each other better. When Coop discovers that the ring is stolen property things get complicated. He and Lexie agree to work together and find out more about the ring and it's history. Neither of them is prepared for what they discover and how it's going to affect their feelings and growing attraction. 

"Kiss me if you can" is another great book by Carly Phillips.  It's easy to read and also very entertaining. Whenever I had to pause reading I had no trouble at all to get back into the story. 
Lexie is a great heroine. She's  very honest, caring, witty and  free-spirited. I enjoyed that she is passionate about her work, travelling and the people she cares about.  
Coop is also great. He is more grounded than Lexie and I love how he handles being criticised by her. 
He and Lexie are a fantastic pair and it's nice that they talked about their issues and didn't act like idiots when they had a disagreement. It may sound a bit cheesy but I think that they really complemented each other perfectly.  

There are many funny scenes between them but also some that are very hot and that's another aspect of the book I enjoyed. Coop and Lexie appear to be real persons instead of just book characters and that's why the story never falters and was always a joy to read.
The mystery is a light one and it's soon pretty clear who stole the ring. However the mystery is an important part of the book because it helps Lexie and Coop to solve their problems.

The cover is fun to look at but the woman on it feels wrong because she is totally different from Lexie who for example wears glasses and isn't very girlie. But that's really the only thing I didn't like when it comes to this book

I really enjoyed reading "Kiss me if you can" because of the main characters and their interactions. Both hero and heroine felt like real people to me and I just loved reading about them. The story is fun and sexy - just how I like my happy books. I'm already excited to read "Love me if you dare",  the second book in the series.

Most Eligible Bachelor series
1. Kiss me if you can
2. Love me if you dare


  1. Thanks for the great review Sabrina! I also have Kiss me if you can on my TBR list, the cover looked cute and the story sounded fun, so after reading your thoughts I'm even more eager to raed it :-)

  2. This sounds right up my alley. I love stories like this. I'll be trying to find a copy soon.

  3. This one is on my TBR I got it in my monthly shipment of mira books. Can't wait to jump in on this one.

  4. This looks like such a fun read. Haven't heard about this book before now, but will be adding it to my tbr list!

  5. Oooh thank you for such a terrific review! I appreciate you reading my books.

  6. Hey, this is a great review. I enjoyed this book and thought Coop and Lexie were adorable!




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