22 July 2010

Review: The Ex Games - Jennifer Echols

The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols
published September 2009
contemporary, young adult
bought my copy

Hayden and Nick were sweethearts for some short weeks when they were 13. Now it's four years later and there is still something special between them. Even though Hayden has been the victim of a lot of jokes from Nick she is still interested in him. 
When a banter between them results in a snowboarding contest to find out if Hayden or Nick is the better snowboarder things change. While preparing for the contest they realize that the banter between them is in reality just a way to disguise their true feelings. 
Who will win the snowboard contest and even more importantly will they both win in the game called love?

I read this book looking for a light-hearted, entertaining and cute story and that's exactly what I got. All of the main characters are likable and there are a lot of scenes that made me laugh. The love story between Hayden and Nick is predictable but in a good way. The journey to their personal happy end is cute and makes me want to read more by Jennifer Echols. "The Ex Games" is definitely a make you feel happy book. The teasings between Hayden and Nick are my highlight of the book. 
I also enjoyed that there is not too much drama in the book and that Hayden's parents are normal and nice. 

Bright and fun just like the book. Ok, the boy on the cover should have long hair but that's something I can live with. 

Just the right book when you are in need to be entertained and want to laugh and smile a lot. The story is cute and lighthearted and brightened my mood immediately. 


  1. Great review - this sounds like just the type of book I need right now.

  2. Sounds fun and cute, lots different then Going Too Far and Forget You :)

  3. Allison, it's definitely more light-hearted than Going too far (loved it).
    I still have to read Forget you.

    Crystal, thanks. I really needed a book like this to lift my mood and have some fun.

  4. We definitely need light books at times. Thanks for this.




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