10 July 2010

Review: Dangerous Desires - Dee Davis

Dangerous Desire by Dee Davis
published July 1, 2010; romantic suspense
#2 in the A-Tac series
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After years of being forced to work for a dangerous crime lord Madeline Reynard finally sees the chance to escape. In exchange for information US officials agree to free her and give her a new life. The A-Tac team, an elite, secret CIA unit, is ordered to rescue Madeline and destroy an arsenal of weapons. But soon after the mission starts it becomes clear that someone betrayed the team and to survive A-Tac team member Drake and Madeline are forced to fight their way through the jungle. On the run from the crime lords men Drake and Madeline are forced to work together and soon they develop feelings for each other. But to have a real chance for a HEA they have to survive the attempts on their lifes and they have to overcome the trust issues that stand between them. 

"Dangerous Desires" is the second book about the A-Tac team and after reading it I'm completly fascinated by this romantic suspense series. I enjoyed  "Dark Deceptions", the first book, however I loved "Dangerous Desires". 
The story is fast-paced, the main characters are both compelling and I just love reading about secret missions that play in the jungle. Madeline and Drake both went through hard times that made them sceptical about trusting in other people. Her connection to the crime lord makes Drake even more wary however he soon realizes that Madeline is a strong woman who tried to do the best in a hopeless situation. I enjoyed that he doesn't condemn her and that he appreciates what she did for her sister. I'm happy that Madeline is a fighter and stayed strong even in dangerous situations.  She's no pushover and learned the hard way to trust nobody. 

Their escape through the jungle was thrilling to read and I enjoyed meeting the other A-Tac members like Tyler and Hannah again. The possibility that one A-Tac member might be a traitor adds some suspense to the story and so far I have no idea who the bad guy could be. There's also a big suprise in the story and I didn't see it coming but enjoyed reading about it. 

All in all "Dangerous Desires" combines everything that I enjoy about romantic suspense. The book is thrilling but also lovely and sexy. I also like that the plot is intelligent and that no institution or country is glorified. 


  1. Great review. :) I enjoyed this one as well.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. wow, thanks for your review - will definitively read this book now!
    greetings, Ina

  3. Thank you for the review. Another book for my reading pile.
    Sue B




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