03 June 2010

Review: Tourist Trap - Emma Harrison

Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison
published June 2006
contemporary, YA
bought my copy

Cassandra Grace is excited to start college. In the summer before she attends University of Vermont she plans to work hard to earn the fee to enter a jumping contest. Winning the contest would bring her some money for college, so earning the fee is her priority. But when she meets rich college boy Jared from New York things change. Jared spends the summer with his parents in Cassandra's hometown and from their first meeting he and Cassandra are drawn to each other. For the first time in her life Cassandra wants to make her own decisions and even fights with her parents about Jared. She doesn't care about his money or her parent's prejudices and soon falls in love with his great personality.
The question is: Will she be able to earn the money to enter the jumping contest and get the boy?

"Tourist Trap" is just the right book when you are in need for some fun and a lovely, cute story. Right from the start I enjoyed the storyline and meeting the characters a lot. It's easy to get into the book and I finished it in one sitting because I just couldn't stop reading. 

Cassandra is a shy and very sweet person. She has trouble to stand up for herself but with Jared's help she works on it. At first glance Jared seems to be a bit arrogant but he is a pretty cool and nice guy who really cares for Cassandra. I loved  all the scenes when he helped her to get more confident. The other characters in the book like Cassandra's friends and her parents are also great. Especially her parents needed to realize that their daughter is no longer a little girl and that she has the right to make her own decisions. 

All in all I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone in search for a cute and lovely young adult novel.

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  1. I liked a lot The Best Girl, so I got this one as well, but still haven't read it, so I'm glad is just as fun ;)




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