07 June 2010

Review: Summer in the City - Elizabeth Chandler

Summer in the City by Elizabeth Chandler
published July 2006
contemporary, YA
bought my copy

Sporty Jamie is excited for college and after years of living with her dad she decides to spend the summer with her mother in Baltimore. Living with her mom is a bit weird but also a great chance to get to know her better.At lacrosse camp Jamie meets her trainer/college student Josh and right from the start there is something between them. At first it seems to be dislike however it soon becomes clear that it's really attraction. But both don't plan to do something about their appeal. Jamie isn't interested in dating another jock because she made some bad experiences and Josh knows that he it's not ok to date one of his students even though he and Jamie are nearly the same age.So Jamie starts to date her neighbour Andrew who is very different from the other guys she knows. But college student and wanna be poet Andrew soon starts to annoy her. Jamie finally  realizes that Josh is so much more than just another jock however she fears that it's already too late for her realization.

I enjoyed reading "Summer in the City" by Elizabeth Chandler a lot. The book contains a lot of funny and lovely scenes. It's easy to read and the characters are all pretty great. Especially Jamie is an interesting and very likable character. After years of being a tomboy she is more than ready to spend some time with her mom. With her mother she can talk about other things than with her father.

Through staying with her mom she learns to appreciate being a sports fanatic but also being a bit girlie. Josh is as ambitious as Jamie and he totally understands and shares her fascination with professional sports. Both are a bit stubborn but togteher they are a great couple. I liked that their relationship changed slowly and that they really got to know each other before they became a pair. I also enjoyed reading about the other characters and the sports like lacrosse and basketball addded a fun and light element to the story. 

So all in all I enjoyed reading "Summer in the City" a lot. Especially the light-hearted story and the great characters won me over and makes me excited to read more by Elizabeth Chandler. 


  1. Great review, I'm going to have to put this on my list of books to buy soon. I've never heard of this book but it sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for bringing this title to my attention.

  2. Glad that you like the sound of it.

    I'm right now trying to buy more of her older books and got one for about 6 Euro on amazon.de. Another one I would love to read is up at amazon.de marketplace for over 200 Euro! Guess I will look somewhere else.

    I also want to try some of her darker stories and will get the omnibus with Legacy of Lies/Don't tell.

  3. I absolutely loved this one!
    I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but this was pretty cute!
    Thanks for the review. :)
    Love, Hannah




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