26 June 2010

Review: Skin Game - Ava Gray

Skin Game by Ava Gray
published November 2009; contemporary romance with strong erotic elements
#1 in the "Skin" series
bought my copy

Reyes is a hit man and this time his job seems to be pretty easy. Find con woman Kyra, discover where she hides the cash she has stolen from casino owner Gerad Serrano and kill her. But when he meets Kyra, Reyes is fascinated by her right from the start. She is not the selfish murderer he expected but a woman who is alone in the world and who has sought for revenge for her father's death. After one sizzling and hot night there is no going back and Reyes decides that he needs to know more about Kyra and her past before he can continue with his job.
Kyra is also fascinated by Reyes and soon feels like she can trust in him. But how will she react when she finds out that the goal to kill her brought them together? In the end they have to fight together to survive the attempts on their lifes and Reyes has to hope that Kyra will be able to forgive him.  

I had "Skin Game" in my TBR pile for some weeks and now I wonder why I waited so long to read it. The book and the characters are very special and you have to be open-minded to accept an assassin and a hustler as hero and heroine. I enjoyed that Kyra and Reyes weren't perfect and that they actually both liked their jobs. 

The chemistry between them is over the top and some scenes are very hot and sexy. I liked that it took some time until they started trusting in each other. I also enjoyed their journey across the country because it gave them a chance to get to now each other without too many interruptions. 
Some parts in the book are brutal but it fits to the story and the characters so I had no trouble with it. 
I loved reading about the secondary characters Foster and Mia and can't wait to read more of them in "Skin Tight". 

I could go on and on with gushing about "Skin Game". I recommend this book to everyone who likes hot contemporary romances and strong, extraordinary characters.

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  1. I've read quotes from Skin Tight that promises a lot for Foster's story. I loved Skin Game, like you said, Kyra and Ryes are such unique characters and have an awesome chemistry together. I hope you get Skin Tight soon!




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