28 June 2010

Review: The Search - Nora Roberts

The Search by Nora Roberts
published July 2010
I got the UK version as an ARC from The Little, Brown Book and also bought a copy

Fiona Bristow leads a quiet and fulfilled live on Orcas Island. She runs a dog school, leads a canine search and rescue group and adores living with her three dogs. When she meets Simon Doyle and his dog Jaws (you have to adore him!) she doesn't want to be interested in the moody and blunt wood artist. Ever since she nearly became the vicitm of the Red Scarf serial killer who later murdered her fiance she has been staying away from relationships with men. Simon is also not really interested in starting something with Fiona. Living on small Orcas Island and with his playful puppy is a new experience for him and he enjoys being single. However the more time Fiona and Simon spend together through obedience training for Jaws the more the attraction between them grows.
When a copycat killer starts to murder young woman and it seems that Fiona might be his final victim everything changes. Staying back is no longer an option for Simon and he will do everything to make sure that Fiona stays safe.

Once again Nora Roberts created a great and very entertaining novel. What I enjoyed about "The Search" are the likable, realistic characters and especially the detailed description of Fiona's job, her life on Orcas Island and her relationship with Simon.
IMO this book is the perfect choice for a quiet weekend when you have time for yourself and can really dip into the story. It took me some pages to get into the book but then I loved it. I always appreciate it when an author describes her characters and what is important to them in detail so I enjoyed reading all the little things about Fiona's life and her business. At the end of the book I felt like Fiona, Simon and co. were like friends. I would definitely have something to talk about with them because I learned so much of their life through this book.

I'm not really a dog lover (cats all the way!) but still I enjoyed reading about the dogs and especially the search and rescue missions fascinated me. The book starts with one of these missions and that really helped me to get a connection with Fiona and her dogs.
Fiona is a true survivor and she's a very strong woman. I enjoyed everything about her and Simon's relationship. Simon is a bit moody and says just what he thinks. He reminds me a bit of Brody from "Angels Fall" who is one of my favourite heroes ever. There are some really funny scenes when Simon tries to handle Jaws and also when tries to fight against his feelings for Fiona. I loved how protective he became of her even though he didn't really want to.
The mystery part of the book is not too dark and it's not about figuring out who the killer is. It's more like a character study of the murderers and how it affects the life of Fiona and the people close to her. I enjoyed that the book is not overly dramatic because that wouldn't have worked for me.

So, if you love a book full of multifaceted characters, an intelligent and thrilling mystery plot and a detailed way of writing then "The Search" by Nora Roberts is a book you should read.


  1. So I have a lot of NR books but I have actually never read one. This one sounds like it was a great read :)

    ~Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog

  2. Hi Sabrina! I think we're buddies on goodreads! I had no clue this was your site. I'm one of the authors on the demonlover site. How exciting to get an ARC of a Nora Roberts book. Fantastic review!

  3. I love Nora Roberts! I can't wait to read this. I didn't even hear about these coming out yet!

  4. I LOVE Nora Roberts, her books are such comfort reads! I love how real and 3D her characters are, and it's really like you become part of the family. :-)

    The Search sounds great, will have to check it out. Thank you for recommending it Sabrina!

  5. I haven't read many books by Roberts but I 100% enjoyed those that I've read. This sounds like another book that's very entertaining complete with a tinge of suspense as well.

    p.s. If I ask you the top 5 Roberts' books that you like best, which ones would you choose?

  6. Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for taking part in Radiant Reviews :)

    I've read a couple of Nora Roberts books in the past and I've always enjoyed them. But I haven't heard of this one before. It sounds like a great read!

  7. Great review! My copy of this book arrives today. It will definitely be the next book I read.

  8. Great choice! =o) I LOVED this book too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower here, too.

  9. Shy, I'm a big fan of her more modern books and my favourite stand-alones are:

    Three Fates
    Angels Fall
    Black Hills.

    I also like the Born in series and the MacGregors - and pretty much everything else Nora has written :)

    And I adore her Bride Quartet series because it's about love and friendship with only a minimum of drama.

  10. Great review - I love Nora Roberts books and have this on reserve at the library. I agree - she has the best characters and I always feel like I have new friends when I finish her books.

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  12. I have this to review too and it sounds great but now I've read a couple of glowing reviews I think I will read it sooner rather than later :)

  13. I agree with your comments on this book. Not only did the great suspense keep me reading but the handy tips for dog training were very useful too! Really enjoyed the connection with the island too, its scenery and moods.




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