08 June 2010

Review: Rule's bride - Kat Martin

Rule's bride by Kat Martin
#3 in the Bride Trilogy
published April 27 2010
historical romance
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Three years ago Rule Dewar agreed to wed 16 year old Violet Griffin because her dying father asked him to. This deal made Rule into a wealthy man and while Violet stayed behind in Boston he lived the last three years in London like a single man. He promised to give her time to grow up however Violet is not longer willing to wait. She has traveled to London to get an annullement because she met a young man she wishes to marry. Rule is shocked that Violet is no longer the boyish girl but a beautiful woman. He knows that he should have taken more notice of her in the last years and wants a chance to show Violet that they could have a happy marriage. She agrees to spend 30 days with Rule and hopes that after this time she will be free of him. But the strong attraction between them is hard to ignore and when after a tragic accident they spend a night together everything changes. Violet still wants out of her marriage but Rule realizes that she is the one woman whom he wants to spend his life with. Now that he knows that Violet is perfect for him he wants to convince her that their marriage could be so much more than a deal made by her father and that Rule is the one man to make her happy.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Rule's bride" by Kat Martin. The story is entertaining, the characters are interesting and the mystery adds some thrill. 

At first I was a bit sceptical about Rule but after a few pages I really started to like him. To see how he fell in love with Violet was great and lovely. Violet is a very strong and outspoken heroine and I was fond of her right from the start. I  enjoyed that she and also her cousin Caroline were willing to go after what they want and weren't passive. Violet and Rule make a great couple and I loved that in the end he appreciated that she is a very modern and strong woman.
The deep friendship between Violet and Caroline is another part of the book that I enjoyed. I also loved that there's a second love story between Caroline and Rule's best friend Luke and it was nice to read about them. 
There's also a mystery part in the book about who is trying to frame Rule with a murder. The mystery is not too dark and it definitely added a thrilling element to the story. 
All in all I enjoyed reading this book a lot and can recommend it to everyone who likes intelligent and lovely historical romances.

final thoughts
This was my first book by Kat Martin and it will definitely not be the last. I really enjoyed her style of writing and her characters. I'm looking forward to read more books based on characters from "Rule's bride". I will also read the first two books in the Bride Triology and hope that they are just as good as the third one.


  1. The Bride Trilogy is on my TBR pile. I got these in my monthly subscription to the Romance line at Harlequin. Have you read any of Candace Camp's historicals? Those are really good.

  2. This is definitely going on my TBR pile, I enjoy Kat Martin, she is such a talented author!!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

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