27 June 2010

Review: My big nose and other natural disasters - Sydney Salter

My big nose and other natural disasters by Sydney Salter
published April 6, 2009;
contemporary, YA
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Seventeen year old Jory Michaels has one big goal this summer: earning enough money for a nose job. Her big nose, aka "Super Schnooz", has annoyed her for a long time. She thinks that a new nose will make her life better and happier. Jory also wants to use the summer to find something that she's passionate about. She no longer wants to be normal and boring Jory but someone who is special. Achieving her goals turns out to be not so easy because Jory has to deal with the antics of her two friends, her image-obsessed mother, her perfect little brother and two very special boys. 

I enjoyed reading this book a lot. Jory is a very likable heroine and I felt connected to her right from the start. She is a nice and clumsy girl. In a society where being normal is not enough Jory struggles to find her place. She could be happy and satisfied with her life but she is too self-conscious to enjoy it. 
I loved reading about how Jory becomes more self-confident and how she realizes that having a big nose isn't something bad. I also enjoyed how the relationship between her mother and her changed. At the beginning of the book Jory's mother is totally obsessed about food and her image and doesn't realize that her behaviour makes Jory feel bad about herself. In the end they have a normal and healthy relationship and that is something that made me happy. 

I also enjoyed reading about Jory's relationships with Tyler and especially Gideon. Both boys are important for Jory in  different ways. The only thing I didn't like are Jory's two best friends. They did and said some things that friends just don't do but I'm positive that the more self-confident Jory will be able to handle them. 

So all in all I really enjoyed this book and I think that not only teens should think about accepting themselves the way they are. In a time where nose jobs are becoming normal it's definitely something worth thinking about. 

I really like the cover of this book. This perfect Barbie image is what Jory wants to achieve at first but at second glance you see that there is not much behind the perfect facade. 

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  1. I really enjoyed this book too. And I agree, her friends did some things that made them more like enemies than friends!




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