13 June 2010

Review: The Mèlendez Forgotten Marriage - Melanie Milburne

The Mèlendez forgotten marriage by Melanie Milburne
published July 1 2010
contemporary romance
bought my copy

When Emelia awakens from coma after a horrible car crash she has lost the memory of the last two years. So it's a total shock when she realizes that she is married to sexy and rich Javiar Mèlendez. She gets mixed feelings from Javiar and isn't sure if their marriage was a happy one. After she is back home with him she realizes that even though she can't remember him or their marriage she is still attracted to him. Emelia hopes for a happy future but when she discovers the circumstances that led to their marriage and when she gets her memory back she isn't sure if she should stay or leave.

"The Mèlendez forgotten marriage" by Melanie Milburne is the sort of Harlequin Presents story that I enjoy. The characters are great and likable and the story is interesting. Even though I'm always a bit sceptical about stories with amnesia this one really worked for me. Emelia turnd out to be a strong woman and I loved her development throughout the book. 

Javiar may be arrogant but he also knows that he made mistakes in his marriage. Even at the time he thinks that she betrayed him he knows that he was also at fault. He has a hard time showing his feelings because he fears to be vulnerable. It takes him some time to realize that Emelia doesn't understand that the expensive gifts he gave are his way to show his love. I really enjoyed that in the end he was honest about his mistakes and that he and Emilia got a second chance.

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