04 June 2010

Review: Fatal Affair - Marie Force

Fatal Affair by Marie Force
published June 21 2010, romantic suspense
I got this book for review (digital version)

When Nick Cappuano finds his best friend and boss Senator John O'Connor brutally murdered everything changes. The detective assigned to solve the case is Samantha Holland. Nick and she met six years ago and were fascinated by each other right from the start. But because of the interference of a third person they never met again. The attraction is still there but Sam has to concentrate on the case and Nick is totally shocked by the death of his best friend. It soon turns out that John's life was one big lie and that there are a lot of people with a motive to kill him.
Finding the killer is Sam's priority but she also realizes that meeting Nick again is one of the best things that has ever happened in her life. Together they try to solve the case and to figure out what they feel for each other. 

I enjoyed pretty much everything about this book. The plot is thrilling and it's not easy to figure out who the murderer is. There are so many lies and it's hard to see through them. The two main characters Sam and Nick are just fantastic. They are authentic and I liked both of them right from the start. Sam is very passionate about her job and her family. Lately she had to deal with some serious events in her life but she's not one to give up. Nick is a very honest and hard-working man. On the one hand it's not so easy for him that Sam has a dangerous job but on the other hand he is willing to do everything to support her. There are a lot of lovely and funny scenes between them and I especially loved that Nick was man enough to apologize to Sam after he overreacted about her guarding him. 

Sam and Nick are a great couple and I'm so happy that "Fatal Affair" is the first book in a series about them. I'm already excited for the next book and to learn more about them and the other characters like Sam's dad or her partner Freddie. 

So all in all I think that this book is an outstanding romantic suspense novel and I can't wait to read more by Marie Force. I also love her contemporary romances because her stories and characters are always a true pleasure. 

final thoughts
I'm very happy that Marie Force was able to publish "Fatal Affair" via Carina Press. I'm amazed that other publishers weren't interested in this book and the idea of a series about Sam and Nick.  I'm also getting more and more excited about the Carina Press launch on June 7. 


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome--and very FIRST--review of Fatal Affair, Sabrina. I'm so glad you loved Sam and Nick. Look forward to visiting with you on July 1.




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