04 June 2010

Review: Consent to the Cowboy - Abby Wood

Consent to the Cowboy by Abby Wood
published June 28, erotica (Dominance/Submission, pleasure through pain, sex in public)
format: ebook (145 pages)
got this book for review (digital version)

Small-town girl and barmaid Daphne Norris has always shied away from relationships with cowboys. After her alcoholic father left her and her dying mother for good she vowed to never trust into another cowboy. But when she meets Will Hanson she feels that he could be the one man to fullfill her cravings of being dominated and cherished. Still she is afraid to give him a chance but Will soon manages to convince her to go home with him. Will thinks that Daphne might be the one woman who is perfect for him. He's very dominant and wants a serious relationship with a submissive woman whom he can care for and pamper. Their sex is everything that Will could imagine and it seems like he found his match with Daphne. But without her  trust their relationship can never be something more than hot, kinky sex. 

"Consent to the Cowboy" is the sort of erotic romance that I enjoy to read. The erotic scenes are really hot and always consensual. The romantic scenes are sweet and the balance between hot and lovely feels just right to me. 
Daphne is a woman who learned the hard way not to trust in men. She's so unsure about her feelings for Will because she fears to some day be left behind. You can really feel her pain and it's great to see when she finally starts to trust into her relationship with Will. 

Will is a very dominant man and looks for a woman who is willing to give him total submission. He knows that Daphne could be the one but also realizes that her trust issues could destroy their relationship. I emjoyed that he stayed back (at least for some time) when Daphne needed to be alone but that in the end he was willing to do the first step to get her back. 

All in all I enjoyed reading this short erotic romance a lot and will definitely look for more books by Abby Woods in the future.

final thoughts
"Consent to the Cowboy" is the first book by Carina Press that I read and it definitely makes me excited to read more books by this new digital publisher. 


  1. Thank you for the great review, and I'm so happy you enjoyed my book.

  2. Looking forward to reading this one!




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