03 June 2010

Reviews: Beyond the Shadows - Jess Granger

Beyond the Shadows by Jess Granger
published May 4 2010; paranormal romance
#2 in the Beyond Realm series
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There's finally hope for the lower classes on Azra. Rebel leader Cyn has a plan to free them from the ruling class. To make his plan work he has to prevent Commander Yara, heir to the throne on Azra, from going home for a few days. But it's easier said than done. He manages to get Yara on his ship but soon realizes that she is not the cold and cruel person he expected. Yara doesn't know what life really is for most people on her homeplanet. She also doesn't know that Cyn is a rebel leader trying to disempower her and the ruling class. The more they get to know each other the more it becomes clear, that there is some serious attraction between them. Cyn realizes that there may be another, even better way to save the people on Azra. But will Yara be willing to help him when she learns the truth about who he is?

"Beyond the Shadows" has everything a great book needs. The characters are believable, likable and great (ok, the bad guys are really creepy and cruel). Jess Granger's way with words captured my interest right from the start and the worlds she created are breathtaking.
Cyn is an extraordinary character. He really cares for the people on his homeplanet and is willing to do nearly everything to stop their suffering. He is a man of honour when it comes to what's right or wrong. He is suprised by Yara and soon realizes that she is so much more than just another soulless member of the Elite. 

Yara is a great, strong and caring person and even though at the beginning she stands on the side of the cruel ruling class she never was unlikeable. When Yara realizes what is really going on on her homeplanet she can't go on with the status quo and is willing to risk everything to help the suffering people. 
I loved all scenes with Yara and Cyn and how they got closer. They are a great couple and just right for each other. To see them happy and hopeful for the future was heartwarming. 
The mixture of funny, hot and sad scenes is perfect.  Even though there are going on some heartbreaking events I never lost hope that Cyn and in the end also Yara would be able to bring the people on Azra a better future. 

All in all I enjoyed everything about "Beyond the Shadows" and hope that there will be more books in the series. There are so many interesting characters that would deserve their own story so I really hope for more books. 




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