12 May 2010

Review: Tall, Dark and Dead - Tate Hallaway

The first book in the Garnet Lacey series by Tate Hallaway fascinated me because of its flawed, complicated characters and thrilling story. 

Garnet Lacey is a witch trying to live just like a normal girl. Ever since some psycho Vatican witch hunters killed her old coven she has been on her own and said goodbye to magic in order to stay undetected. When she meets sexy and mysterious vampire Sebastian van Traum things begin to change. He is a complication Garnet doesn't need but definitely wants. Things get even more complicated when an old friend comes back into her life and when the Vatican hunters once again try to kill her. In order to survive Garnet needs to embrace being a witch and arrange herself with the darker parts of herself,  namely her inner goddess Lilith who loves nothing more than destruction.

What a great book! This is not your typical light and funny paranormal romance with witches and vampires. The characters are flawed and complicated and you never now what will happen. Especially Garnet is a fascinating and great heroine. Sometimes I wanted to shout at her when she did something stupid but in the end I especailly enjoyed her flaws and crazy behaviour. She learned the hard way that life is no fairy tale and still she is essentially a good person. 
Sebastian is not your typical hero. Sure he's rich, hot and charming but also dangerous and he definitely follows his own agenda. He and Garnet are a great pair and I'm excited to read how their relationship will develop in the upcoming books of the series. 

The minor characters are also very interesting and engaging. Especially Sebastian's son is an extremely complicated character and my feelings towards him alternated between sympathy and aversion. It was the same with Garnet's vampire ex-boyfriend Parrish who wants her back. I can definitely see his appeal but also think that he might be another complication for Garnet. 
The story moves on at speed and suprised me again and again when something happened that I wasn't expecting. Because of that "Tall, Dark and Dead" never gets boring and kept me fascinated right to the end. And even though there are some darker parts the book is also very funny and sexy.

So all in all I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I can't wait to read how the story continues and hope that the characters will continue to stay so wonderfully flawed and unique. 

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