15 May 2010

Review: Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione

In "Pleasure Unbound" Larissa Ione introduces the reader to a fascinating and thrilling world that captured me completly.

Tayla Mancuso's life is all about slaying demons and trying to save humans. In her eyes demons have always been monsters even though she doesn't know many details about them and their lifes. When she is seriously hurt and rescued by sexy and charming doctor Eidolon nothing stays the same. From the first moment the chemistry between Tayla and Eidolon is amazing, but when she discovers that he is a demon she doesn't want anything to do with him. But through meeting Eidolon and learning more about demons she finally begins to realize that the world is not black and white. Not all demons are monsters and not all of Tayla's human friends are good. In the end she has to decide if she is willing to change her life and trust in Eidolon and their love although she has despised demons for most of her life. 

I absolutly loved this book! The combination between hot, funny, dark and light scenes is just perfect and I couldn't lay this book out of my hands until I finished it. 
Layla is an awesome heroine. She is strong and believes in what she is doing, so it's a shock when she realizes that not all demons are bad. Her inner struggle is heart-breaking and I was always sure that in the end she would be able to do the "right" thing. She has a good heart and only deserves the best. 
Eidolon is also fantastic. He is a very caring person especially towards his brother Wraith. The way he cares for Layla is so heart-warming and I loved every second with them together. Furthermore they are a very sexy couple and some of the scenes between them are amazigly hot. 

The other characters in the book are also fascinating and I can't wait to read more of Eidolon and his brothers. One of the things I especially enjoyed is that all the characters aren't without flaws or faults. They have done things in the past that were definitely not good but still you can relate to them and like them. 

So all in all this book is the perfect start into the Demonica series and I can't wait to read the rest of the books and learn more of this intriguing world. 

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  1. Sabrina,

    You are in for a treat. :) The Demonica series is one of my favs. I can't wait for the next one - Sin Undone, which is also the last in this series. But Ms. Ione has a spin off series coming out soon with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.






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