28 May 2010

Review: Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
published May 25 2010
Urban Fantasy
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Everything seems to go wrong in Kate Daniels life. Atlanta is threatened by some evil magic and Curran, lord of the beasts, seems to have lost interest in a realtionship with her. While Kate tries to unsolve the riddle about some deadly incidents she also has to deal with Curran. He is still very interested in Kate but has to work hard to convince her that they can have a future together. Because Kate fears that her family could be a huge danger for Curran and the other shapeshifters. In the end they have to overcome their issues and work together, because the evil they are fighting against is more dangerous than everything they had to deal with before.
"Magic Bleeds" is just amazing. From the first to the last sentence this book is perfect. 
Kate is once again a kick-ass heroine. She is hard and merciless when it's needed but also compassionate and she always tries to shelter the people she cares about. Curran is just as stubborn as Kate and to see them take a big step in their realtionship was awesome. They finally get the change to life as an official pair and I loved all of their interactions. There are some hilarious scenes between them when they are still trying to find out where their realtionship will go and I had to laugh so much. After finishing this book I'm totally in love with the couple Kate and Curran and I hope that the future will be good to them. Their relationship will never be boring and I loved reading about their fights and about the tender moments between them. 

It was also great to meet all of the other characters again and especially the relationship between Raphael and Andrea changes throughout the book. Some of the scenes in "Magic Bleeds" are heartbreaking and I really felt for what Kate had to do. However there's always hope and Kate is no longer alone, from now on Curran and she will fight side by side. 
All in all this book is just perfect and I can't wait to read more by this amazing author duo.

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