29 May 2010

Review: Dante's Ultimate Gamble - Day LeClaire

Dante's Ultimate Gamble by Day LeClaire
#4 in the Dante's Legacy series
published June 8 2010; contemporary romance
bought my copy

There's no place for love or marriage in Luc Dante's life. Even though his grandparents, parents and cousins all are happily married and believe in The Inferno he doesn't. He thinks that what they describe as a magical reaction and connection between two people who belong together isn't for him. But when he meets Téa de Luca he can't deny that there is something special between them. Téa is just as suprised as Luc about what is happening between them. She soon realizes that Inferno or not she and Luc could be very happy together. In the end it's up to Luc to take a chance and believe in his love for Téa.

"Dante's ultimate gamble" is a great book. It's very easy to read and the combination of funny, sexy and lovely scenes is just right.
Téa and Luc are both great and very likable characters and together they are a fantastic pair. I really like the idea behind The Inferno and how Tea and Luc in the end trusted in their feelings. 

So all in all "Dante's Ultimate Gamble" is a great addition to the Dante's Legacy series and I'm already excited to read more about The Inferno.

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