09 May 2010

Review: Anywhere she runs - Debra Webb

"Anywhere she runs" is the first book by Debra Webb that I read and it fascinated me because of it's thrilling story and strong characters.

When Police Detective Adeline Cooper is sent a mysterious note and pics of an abducted woman she knows that some crazy killer has made her one of his targets. The abducted woman leeds her back to her hometown which she was forced to leave nine years ago and back to Sheriff Wyatt Henderson, the man she loved but who betrayed her. Many people in her hometown don't want her back and working close with Wyatt is hard, but Adeline is not one to give up. She is determined to rescue the missing woman and to solve the mystery behind her disappearance. When it's uncovered that she and the abducted woman have more in common than Adeline could imagine, she needs Wyatt's support to solve the crime and to survive. 

"Anywhere she runs" fascinated me right from the first sentence and I couldn't stop reading until I finished the last page (it was 12:37 AM when I closed the book and I had to get up early in the morning!). 
Adeline is an awesome heroine and I loved learning more about her and especially her past with Wyatt. She is a strong woman, that can take care of herself and wants a man who understands and appreciates this. 

Wyatt is also a great character. Like Adeline he paid for what he did in the past and over the years understood that he was wrong. But because he loved her then and now, I was very happy when they finally talked about the past and decided to give their love a second chance. 
The mystery part of the book is thrilling, especially because there is not only one bad guy and Adeline's  connection to a very powerful family makes it hard to see through the lies. The background behind the abductions is complicated and a dark secret is the root of everything. The book is dark but not too suspenseful for my taste and at the end there is hope for the victims.

So all in all I really enjoyed "Anywhere she runs" because it combines a thrilling mystery, strong characters and a sexy love story.   

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