08 April 2010

Review: Surgeon boss, suprise dad - Janice Lynn

"Surgeon boss, suprise dad" by Janice Lynn is a short (128 pages), sweet and wonderful love story. 

Surgeon Adam Cline and Nurse Liz couldn't be happier. They are in love and think of a future together. But when Liz's grandfather dies after a long time of illness and Adam discovers that he has a serious medical condition that could change his life forever, nothing stays the same.
Adam doesn't want Liz to go through caring for him (even though it's only a vague possibility). He wants her to be happy and enjoy life. So he breaks up with her without telling her anything about his condition. Liz is shocked by Adam's change of opinion especially when she finds out that she is pregnant by him. 
The pregnancy changes everything and Adam realizes that he can only be happy with Liz and that he has to come true about his condition if he wants to have a second chance with her.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The story is very sweet and concentrates on the relationship between Adam and Liz. Both are great  characters and even though Adam hurt Liz I can understand his reasons. He was afraid and really did think that Liz would have a better life without him. Liz is a strong and caring woman who is willing to not only share the good but also the bad times with the man she loves. It's great that Liz is no pushover so Adam has to work hard to convince her of giving him a second chance.

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