17 April 2010

Review: The Shy Bride - Lucy Monroe

Years ago Cassandra was a much celebrated music prodigy and forced to play the piano every night. But she never enjoyed playing in front of audiences even though she loves her music. Since her parents died she has been living withdrawn in her own world and has stopped public performances. But once a year she gives others the chance to share her joy for music. The highest bidder in a charity auction wins one year of private piano lessons with Cassandra.  This year self-made billionaire and workaholic Neo Stamos is given the possibility of piano classes with Cassandra. Neo got the lessons as a gift from his best friend Zephyr in order to get a break from work and find some relaxation and fun. From the first moment there is something special between Neo and Cassandra even though they come from different worlds. Shy and sweet Cassandra is shocked by her feelings for Neo and he is also suprised by the strong emotions that develop between them. Over time their relationship changes from friends to lovers and everything could be perfect. Cassandra wants a future together with Neo but isn't sure if he is able to believe in their love. 

I enjoyed reading "The shy bride" a lot, especially because it's different compared to most books by Harlequin. The story concentrates on the relationship between Neo and Cassandra without rushing through it. They get the chance to become friends and fall in love without any haste or drama and I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. The love story is really sweet and lovely and both Neo and Cassandra are great characters. I also enjoyed reading about Zephyr and I'm already excited for his book. 
So all in all I think "The Shy Bride" is a great and lovely book and once again Lucy Monroe made me feel happy through one of her books. 

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