19 April 2010

Review: Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts

The third book in the Bride Quartet is a beautiful, ligth-hearted and happy novel about love and friendship. 

Laurel and Del have known each other since they were children. Laurel is like a sister for Del, but for her he is the one man she has secretly loved for years.A heated moment and a suprising kiss changes everything. Laurel and Del finally move on to a romantic relationship. Laurel is happy  that Del and she are finally more than good friends, but also fears that she will never be the one for him. Del on the other hand is suprised by the feelings he has for Laurel, nevertheless he  is willing to do everything to give them a real chance for a happy end. 

I enjoyed reading "Savor the Moment" a lot. Laurel and Del are a great pair and I loved reading about them and the rest of the characters. There is no real drama going on and that's something I appreciate a lot. The story concentrates solely on the characters and the love affair and that's just great. 
No development in the book is rushed and Laurel and Del (and the others) have time to get used to the new direction of their relationship. Some may find this boring but I love to get the chance to form a bond with the characters and to understand their personalities.
It was also a joy to learn more about the other main characters in the series. They made me a laugh a lot and especially Mrs. G  was heart-warming.

I'm already excited for the final book in the series and to read how Parker and Mal get their "Happy Ever After". Mal fits perfectly in the circle of friends and he seems to be the one man that can help Parker to relax and even forget about her BlackBerry. 
I love that Nora Roberts is a stickler for details and that she makes her characters three-dimensional. And that's why in the end I want to thank her for writing yet another book to fall in love with.

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