29 April 2010

Review: I'm the vampire, that's why - Michele Bardsley

The first book in the Broken Heart, Oklahoma series is a very funny, light-hearted and entertaining novel and made me excited for more.

Life in Broken Heart, Oklahoma changes completley when several citizens are attacked and made into vampires. One of the new vampires is single mom Jessica Matthews. Waking up undead is not the only change for Jessica. Patrick, the vampire who saved her life after the vicious attack, believes that she is the one woman who is just perfect for him. Patrick is hot, kind and really seems to care about her, so saying no to him isn't easy for Jessica. But before they can have a future together (literally forever!) they have to save the town from more attacks and Jessica and her kids have to adjust to her being a vampire. 

I enjoyed reading "I'm the vampire, that's why" a lot.  From the first up to the last sentence the book is very entertaining and never boring. There are some sad moments but overall it's very light-hearted and it was a joy to read the story.

Jessica is a great heroine and I had so much fun reading about her. She's a witty and cool person and Patrick, who is definitely an awesome hero, will never have a boring moment with her.
You also get introduced to the characters of the upcoming books and I enjoyed reading about the changes in Broken Heart a lot. This book made me definitely excited for the next ones in the series. 
If you are in the mood for a very entertaining book, that will make you smile and laugh out loud, then "I'm the vampire, that's why" is just perfect for you. 


  1. Great review. :)

    I love this series - it is lighthearted and fun. :) I just picked up the latest one 'Come Hell or High Water'.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. I still have to read the rest of the series and I love that there are so many books left to enjoy. It's always great to discover a new series.

    Hope you will have a wonderful day, too.

  3. This is a nice series at least it funny. I still have book 6 to read.




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