09 April 2010

Review: Broken - Shiloh Walker

"Broken" by Shiloh Walker is in awesome, sexy and sweet book about learning to trust again.

Bounty hunter Quinn Rafferty and waitress Sara Davis have one thing in common, both have broken hearts because of horrible events in their past. When they become neighbours there's no use denying the chemistry between them. But the past made them shy away from love and serious relationships.But you can't control love so soon there's more between them than just being neighbours. However just when their relationship starts to become serious, things change. Sara is forced to leave and Quinn's trust in her is shattered when he learns that she may not be the person he thought her to be. All of a sudden he is the bounty hunter assigned to find her and bring her back to her old life. But nothing is as it seems and Quinn and Sara have to fight against the past to give their love a chance.

When I started "Broken" I feared that it could be a bit too dark for my taste. But Shiloh Walker managed to combine Quinn's and Sara's heartbreaking past with hope for a happy future, so it was a joy to read this book.
I was captivated by the story from the first page and finished the book in one day because I just needed to now how it ends (happy ending of course!).

Quinn and Sara are both great characters and I especially enjoyed the scenes with both of them. Because of their past they decided some time ago to not get into a serious relationship but there's no stopping the chemistry and the budding feelings between them.
Quinn and and Sara are both strong persons who would do everything to protect the people close to them. Quinn is a formidable man, hard on the outside but with a soft heart. When you take into account his past it's so sweet to read how he falls in love with Sara.
It was also nice to meet Luke and Devon from "Fragile" (another great book!) again and to see how they both care so much for Quinn and only want the best for him.

So all in all I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read more by Shiloh Walker in the future.

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