05 April 2010

Friendship and love

Friendship and love are two things I enjoy reading about. Especially strong friendship between women always warms my heart. So it's no wonder that I adore the bride quartet by Nora Roberts so much. 

The frienship between Mac, Emma, Laurel and Parker fascinated me from the first page of "Visions in white". To read how the four women built their business together and always support each other is just beautiful. They are a team and work hard to achieve their goals but also spend their freetime together because they love each other. "Vision in White" and "Bed of Roses" are of course about romance and Mac plus Carter and Emma plus Jack are great pairs. But IMO the friendship between the four women makes the books of the series so unique and beautiful. The books show that true friendship can help you everyday and enrich your life in so many ways. There is room for truth (even when it may hurt), fun and love between the four women and I just love every little detail about their friendship. 

In only 21 days (and some totally neglactable hours) book three in the bride quartet will be published. And I'm sure that I will love "Savour the Moment". So far Laurel and Del are two of my favourite characters (I pretty much adore all the main characters) and I can't wait to read more about them. But I also want more of the friendship between Mac, Emma, Laurel and Parker. 

So, I'm going to spend the next three weeks counting down every day and hoping to get "Savour the Moment" as early as possible. When I have the book, I will get some Pepsi light and still water, something sweet to eat, go to my bedroom and only come out again when I finished reading StM.

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