18 April 2010

Embrace your own book taste

In the last months I read five books that I didn't like or even thought to be horrible but other readers loved them. At first I thought "OMG! How can they like this bad stuff! They have to be stupid and crazy!!!", but then I realized something. Just because my taste in books has changed and is still changing, it doesn't mean that the books are bad or that the authors lost their ability to write great books. Sometimes you have to move on and not read newer books by an author but you still can enjoy the older ones. 

There is nothing bad or sad about it. It's just natural that you and the authors you read change your tastes over time. But please don't say "Oh, the newer books by this author are just not good, she lost her touch, she can't write any more, ... bla, bla, bla" and make yourself into the only one who has perceived the authors inadequate way of writing.
And don't complain when others don't agree because they still love the books. I'm all for standing by one's opinion but don't forget that it's just your opinion and that it's not more valuable than my view or somenody else's.

Why shouldn't others still enjoy the author's books? And even love them and praise them. I'm pretty sure that for old fans an author loses she wins new ones who like the newer books even more that the older ones (except when the author really lost "it").

Embrace your own taste in books and be happy that the world and the people in it are able to change. Stay true to what you like and don't mock others who don't share your opinion. 

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