15 March 2010

Sharing books with people you love

In my family we all love to read, but only my mom and I share some favourite authors.
My father mainly reads non-fiction books and my lil sis only reads classics like Schiller, Goethe, Mann, etc. She also reads English and French classics and I take a bow for all the books she has already read even though she's only 19 (she even made it through a book by Nietzsche!).

My mom loves to read thrillers (I'm a pansy so no thrillers for me) but also romances. From time to time I look up on amazon if my fav authors are also published in German and then recommend her to order the books (or I just order for her without asking).

In the last weeks she read all the published books by Patricia Briggs and I also brought her into contact with J.D. Robb, Linda Howard, Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Gibson, Carly Phillps, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kathy Reichs and some other authors.

It's always exciting to see if she enjoys a book just as I did or if she doesn't like it. Most of the times she enjoys the books I propose to her (thank goodness). What I love most about sharing books and authors is that after we both read a book (she in German and I in English) we can talk about it. In my surrounding most people don't read romances so I can't talk with them about my books. Of course I talk a lot about my favourite books at message boards but it's something else to do it face-to-face.
Right now my mom is reading the German version of "Vision in White" ("Frühlingsträume" is the very bad and cheesy title in German) and we already talked about some scenes and people and it's so much fun. For example this morning we both slandered Linda (Mac's mother) and my mom already guessed two of the upcoming pairs and I just love it.

So share your books with people you love and have fun talking about them.

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