08 March 2010

Review: Wife for a year - Roberta Leigh

If you are a fan of romances (harlequin-style) then you shouldn't miss "Wife for a year". It's such a sweet little book with an awesome hero and an adorable love story and I enjoyed reading it a lot.

When famous and rich Dr. Damon Masters sees actress Juliet in a play it's love at first sight for him. But Juliet already has a fiancee and is not interested in other men so Damon never acts on his feelings.
When Juliet becomes one of his patients (she has a neurologic problem that affects the strength of her legs) and her fiancee splits from her Damon get's a second chance.
He offers her marriage for one year so that she can recover from the shock of losing her fiancee and her job. He tells Juliet that he has to marry because he wants to work in an Arabic country and that she would help him out of a difficult situation. But he actually hopes that in this one year Juliet will realize that he is the perfect man for her and that she will fall in love with him.
At first Juliet thinks of Damon as a good Samaritan but after some time she realizes that this proud, lovable and caring man could be her future. For her it's not love at first sight but after some time she begins to develop feelings for Damon that have nothing to do with gratefulness. Soon she wants to take care of him just as he took care of her. But when a stunning woman from Damon's past appears Juliet fears that it's to late to reveal her feelings.

In my opinion Roberta Leigh was one of the greatest authors that ever wrote for harlequin. In a lot of her books there are strong heroines and despite the time they were written (1950s to 1990s) they are often better than todays publications.
"Wife for a year" is one of my absolute favourites by this amazing author. The hero Damon Masters is just perfect. He truly loves Juliet and does everything so that she is able to lead a happy and healthy life. Even when he thinks that he lost her forever he only cares about her well-being and not his own interests. With every page I fell in love with Damon a bit more and I'm so happy that Juliet is simply perfect for him. Juliet had everything (great job and fiancee) and when she looses it because of her illness she doesn't know how to go on. But she's not a weak little girl and she soon realizes that Damon's offer is a great chance. I enjoyed that she isn't interested in Damon's money or fame but that she wants to be there for him and to make sure that he doesn't work to hard. She's a sweetheart with a strong spirit and truly just perfect for Damon.
So all in all I just love this wonderful book and guess I will reread it whenever I'm in need of a sweet love story.

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