28 March 2010

Review: Sweet Temptation - Maya Banks

When I received the ARC of "Sweet Temptation" I was very excited and happy but also a bit anxious. As you know I only write reviews of my favourite books and I so hoped that "Sweet Temptation" would be one of them. Thanks to Maya Banks my fears were without any reason and it was a pleasure to write a review about this great, hot and sweet book. "Sweet Temptation" will be published 6th of April.

When Angelina comes back into Micah's life to spend it with him forever he couldn't be more shocked. The last time he saw her was shortly after his beloved wife Hannah and his best friend David (Angel's brother) died in a car accident. Back then he decided to leave Miami and to build a new life in Houston. So when he sees Angel again he's shocked because she is no longer just a girl but one sexy and sensual woman. But he doesn't want anything beyond friendship with her because for him she's still the little sister of his best friend. Saying no to sexy Angel might be hard but Micah still manages it (mostly!).However when Angel and people close to Micah are attacked and threatened by a dangerous stalker who followed Angel all the way from Miami he can't stand back any longer. He offers her security and a short sexual relationship in which he will fulfill all her dreams. Angel has a sexuality to match his own so she loves all Micah gives her (pleasure through pain, sex with Micah and some of his friends, total submission to him) but she still hopes that soon he will return her love. Because without his love all the pleasure feels meaningless. In the end it's up to Micah to realize that it's time to move on from the past and take a new chance to love.

I enjoyed reading "Sweet Temptation" by Maya Banks a lot. Like the other books in the series I couldn't lay it out of my hands until I finished it. To finally learn more about Micah and his past was awesome. Angel is just perfect for him even if it takes some time until he realizes it and is able to move on from his past with Hannah. Angel is a very strong yet vulnerable heroine who fits perfectly in the circle of Micah's friends. She is a very caring person and I love that although she is the submissive one in their relationship, she can also be strong for Micah and take care of him.
The sex scenes between them are definitely over the top and some of the hottest things I have ever read. Even in my imagination I didn't expect the book to be so sexy and hot.

How Angel was made welcome by Micah's friends was great, they gave her their friendship and support without asking and it was beautiful to see how Angel bloomed under their care.
When reading "Sweet Temptation" I fell in love with Damon even more. He is a great friend for Micah, never judges him and is always the first to offer help when it is needed.
Julie (I love her big mouth and heart) and Nathan are another highlight of the book. To read how their relationship changes and how Nathan manages to remove Julie's doubts is so sweet. Nathan also made me laugh out loud when he talks about guys being stupid in some situations and that is has to be genetic.
Another character I loved is Cole. The more I learn of him the more I'm fascinated and want to know further details about his life and past. The short time he spends with Angel seems to free him in some way and I really hope that he will get his own book someday.
And last but not least I enjoyed all the scenes with Connor. The way he cared for Angel like she is his sister was so sweet and just shows what a great guy he is. I can't wait to read his book (coming April 2011) to see more of him and the rest of the characters from the "Sweet"- series.
As you can clearly see I loved reading "Sweet Temptation" and IMO this series is one of the best I've ever read and a must for fans of romantic erotica.

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