09 March 2010

Review: Money man's fiancée negotiation - Michelle Celmer

"Money man's fiancee negotiation" by Michelle Celmer is a great book about second chances under difficult conditions.

When Melody Trent discovers that she is pregnant by Ash Williams she decides to leave him. Although they lived together for three years she was never more than his mistress. She did everything to make him happy and satisfied and in return he paid for her education. Inspite of their arrangement Melody loves Ash but is sure that he doesn't love her.
Ash is shocked when Melody leaves out of the blue. At first he is too angry to look for her but after some weeks without Melody he finally wants to know why she left him.
But when he finds her everything has changed. Melody barely survived a serious car accident, lost her memory and the baby Ash didn't know anything about.
Ash is sure that Melody betrayed him because after cancer treatment as a child he thinks that he is sterile. So he plans to take revenge on Melody for betraying him. But after they are back home and Melody still can't remember her old life, Ash begins to fall in love with this new "Melody". The new Melody no longer plays a role to satisfy his every wish but is real and very lovable. He wants a real relationship with her and forgets about revenge. But when her memory returns Melody leaves him again. She can't overcome the fact that Ash thinks that she betrayed him and that he only took her back for revenge.

When I started reading "Money man's fiancee negotiation" I thought "oh, no, not another book with a "heroine has amnesia and hero thinks he's sterile"-storyline". But I changed my opinion briskly because the story is really sweet and concentrates on the second chance Melody and Ash have. It's awesome how they get to really know each other after the accident and how their relationship changes from superficial (like it has been for the last three years) to meaningful.

Although their second chance begins with Ash's lies and his aim for revenge I still enjoyed the storyline and I liked Ash as a hero. He changed his opinion about taking revenge quickly and mostly cared about Melody's well-being.
So all in all I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read more from Michelle Celmer in the future.

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