01 April 2010

Review: Lois Lane tells all - Karen Hawkins

"Lois Lane tells all" by Karen Hawkins is an awesome book full of great characters, sweet and sexy moments and many funny and amusing scenes. 

Susan Collins loves living in small and sleepy Glory and working as editor-in-chief for "The Glory Examiner". Life could be great but sexy and nerdy Mark Tremayne is bringing tension into Susan's life. On the one hand he's trying to tell her how to do her job but on the other hand he is just too much like Clark Kent whom Susan adores. Normally Susan isn't interested in casual and short-time relationships but for Mark she's willing to make an exception.
Mark also feels the sparks between them and even though he's only in town for a few months he wants more of Susan than just being colleagues. Like Susan he is not interested in a long-term relationship because Glory is just too small and sleepy for him.
But when weird things start to go on in Glory and Susan seems to be in danger Mark can't stand back any longer. What starts as a casual relationship soon feels like so much more for Susan and Mark. But they still have to overcome their different viewpoints to form a relationship that can last longer than just a few months.

I absolutly loved reading "Lois Lane tells all". Following "Talk of the town" it's the second book by Karen Hawkins that plays in Glory. I would recommend to read "Talk of the town" before "Lois Lane tells all" but it's not a must. 

From the beginning of the book I had a smile on my face and couldn't stop laughing until I finished it. Susan and Mark are both great and interesting characters and I enjoyed their arguments and banter a lot. The chemistry between them is palpable from their first scene and becomes more and more sizzling during the book. 
I also enjoyed reading more about the Murder Mystery Club and the other citizens of Glory. Although there's a mystery in the book it's definitely more romantic than suspenseful. 
Meeting all the bachelors the town has to offer lets me hope for many more books about Glory. 

So, all in all I think "Lois Lane tells all" is an amazing book and I spent some very entertaining hours reading it. I can't wait to read more of Glory's citizens and I'm already excited for Ethan's story which will be published next.

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