05 March 2010

Review: I scream, you scream by Wendy Lyn Watson

The cover from "I scream, you scream" by Wendy Lyn Watson promises a light-hearted and entertaining book and that's exactly what you get.

Tallulah Jones is happy with her life even though it's way more complicated than it was for a long time. After getting rid of her cheating ex-husband Wayne it's finally time to live her own life. So Tally bought her own home and her own little ice-cream parlor and life could be great. But when her ex-husband's new girlfriend Brittanie is murdered and the boy (Finn, now one sexy as hell man) she once loved comes back into her life it start's to get really complicated.
So instead of enjoying her new life Tally begins to investigate the murder of Brittanie, because her ex Wayne may be a cheating bastard but he is no murderer.

I read "I scream, you scream" when I was sick and in need to be entertained. And that's exactly what this book did.

The heroine Tally is just awesome. She is like a butterfly. After 18 years of marriage to one guy she finally realizes that she has the chance to change her life the way she wants to. She is honest, very likable and a bit unsure about who she really is. It's great to accompany her on the journy to learn more about her own wishes and dreams. I especially enjoyed about Tally that she realizes that it's time to move on and that looking back to the mistakes she made (like breaking up with Finn) is no use. That Finn is back into her life and that there may be a future for them is also very exciting.

Finn is a very interesting character and the future will show if he is the man for Tally.
The secondary characters are very well-written and added a lot of fun to the story. Even the more shadier characters are interesting and sometimes even sweet.
The mystery is not very dark and I couldn't solve it on my own until the end. The murder is not the main part of the book, it's all about Tally and her life (and that's great!).

Book two in the series "Scoop to Kill: A Mystery a La Mode" will be published in September 2010 and I will definitely read it because I enjoyed "I scream, you scream" a lot and want to learn more about Tally's life.

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