15 March 2010

Review: The geek girl's guide to chearleading - Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance

I loved reading this book. It's like a modern Pride and Prejudice story written primary for young adults but I enjoyed it a lot although I'm not longer a teen.

Bethany is pretty happy with her life. She has great friends, she loves her family and enjoys school - at least the classes. Because she is a geek her social status at school isn't very high and people more often than not laugh about her. When her best friend Moni (another geek) decides to try to get in the varsity cheerleading squad Bethany is there to support her. But when both girls make the team things change a lot. Nobody at school is ready for geeky cheerleaders and both girls have to go through some hard times. Not only the popular kids but even the other geeks aren't happy with the girls. Everyone wants them to get back to what's "normal": geeks only concentrating on geeky things and not on popular stuff like cheerleading. But Bethany is not ready to stop because she has worked hard to become a cheerleader. And when she and her crush Jack (one of the popular boys)  finally become a pair life seems to be perfect. However when Moni changes and beliefs into lies told by others things get very complicated and hard for Bethany. All of a sudden she has lost both her boyfriend and her best friend but thankfully some old and new friends are there for her. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. Bethany is a great heroine. She's an intelligent and honest person who doesn't really care about being popular. She's also a great friend and doesn't understand why her being a cheerleader changes so much. Her personality never really alters throughout the book and that's just great because she's one of the few persons in the book who is truly happy with her life and who she is.

What I also enjoyed is that the book shows that most people don't like changes of certain things. It's not only the popular kids but also the geeks who aren't happy with the "new" Bethany.  
The relationship between Jack and Bethany is very sweet and it becomes clear that although Jack may be popular his life is hard and not so happy compared to Bethany's.
The book emphasizes that it's not really important to be popular but to stay true to who you are and to stand by your friends.  IMO that's a great message not only for youths but also for adults.

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