04 March 2010

Review: Delicious - Shayla Black

This book just blew me over. It's definitely one of the best erotic romances I've ever read and particularly it's outstanding heroine makes this book so special.

Whenever chef Luc Traverson and strip club owner Alyssa Devereaux come together the sexual chemistry between them is mind-blowing. Months ago they spent an unbelievable erotic night together and now Alyssa wants more of Luc. She has developed feelings for him and tries everything to get him back into her bed and her life. But Luc only sees the stripper and strip club owner when he looks at Alyssa. He isn't able to look behind her facade to see the woman who craves to be loved.
So Luc does his best to not get involved with her again but when threats are made against Alyssa he can't stand back any longer. Soon he's back into her bed but still his prejudices make him wary of getting into a meaningful relationship with her. In the end he has to overcome his suspicions and start trusting in Alyssa if he really wants to have a chance with this amazing woman.

"Delicious" is one of the books that I couldn't lay out of my hands after I started reading it. In my opinion it's an amazing erotic romance and I love everything about it.
Alyssa is one of the strongest and greatest heroines I ever met in a book. She went through hell in her past but still managed to turn her life into something worth admiring. I love how hard-working and honest she is. She is a true survivor and deserves only the best.

Luc is hot (of course) and very stubborn. Sometimes he acted so hardheaded that I wanted to shake him. But let's face it, we all have prejudices against certain people (for example strippers), so in part I could understand his suspicions and behaviour. But Luc was always there for Alyssa when it really counted and therefore I think that they are a fantastic pair.
I enjoyed the sex scenes between Alyssa and Luc a lot (so absolutly delicious) and Shayla Black definitely writes some of the best and hottest erotic novels.
It was also great to meet characters from the other books of the "Wicked Lovers" - series again and I'm already excited for "Surrender to me", which is Hunters book and will be released in March, 2011.

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