01 February 2010

Review: To tame a dangerous lord - Nicole Jordan

Rayne Kenyon, Earl of Haviland, may not be interested in love but he still has to marry and produce a heir. When he meets Madeline Ellis, the daughter of an old friend who once saved his life, he aids her out of a delicate situation. When his search for a bride isn't successful he decides to make Madeline an offer she can't refuse. She will be his bride, give him a heir and in return will have everything money can buy.
Madeline loves Rayne and accepts his proposal even though she knows that he isn't looking for love. But with the help of some new friends she does her best to make him change his mind about loving her.

Nicole Jordan is one of my favourite authors of historical romances and "To tame a dangerous lord" is so far one of her best books.
Rayne and especially Madeline are two extraordinary characters and I enjoyed reading about them and their relationship.
Madeline is a special heroine. She is no classic beauty but has other qualities like intelligence, loyalty, quick-wittedness and a good heart. So Rayne has no chance but to fall in love with her. I especially like that Madeline takes the action in her own hands and tries to seduce Rayne. She is no passive heroine that needs a man to lead her through life.
Rayne may be arrogant but he noticed right from the start that Madeline is special. His spy background adds a lot to his character and the story. And even though Rayne is a bit slow in realizing that Madeline is perfect for him overall he is a great hero.
I also loved meeting the Loring sisters and Fanny again, they are so sweet to Madeline and willing to help her in seducing Rayne.

So if you are a fan of historical romances with great characters, lots of lovely and sexy scenes then this book will be perfect for you. I'm already excited to read the next book by Nicole Jordan. "To desire a wicked duke" will centre on Tess Blanchard, a teacher at the Loring academy.

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