04 February 2010

Review: Moon Craving - Lucy Monroe

The new book in the "Children of the Moon" - series by Lucy Monroe is a great read and one of my favourite romances of the last months.

When Talorc, laird of the Sinclairs and leader of a powerful werewolf pack, is forced to marry English Abigail he is not interested in doing more than his duty. But soon after meeting innocent and strong-willed Abigail he realizes that she is the one woman whom he could love.
Abigail is also forced to marry and is afraid what the future holds for her. But she is fascinated by Talorc from the first moment and soon after their wedding Abigail couldn't be happier because she loves Talorc and her new home.
But both have secrets they don't want the other to know. Talorc that he is a werewolf and Abigail that she is deaf (she is great at lipreading so she can fool Talorc and his clan for some time). When first Abigail's secret and then Talorc's are exposed both have to overcome their distrust and disappointment to continue their relationship and have a chance for a happy end.

"Moon Craving" is one of the books that I couldn't lay out of my hands once I started reading it. The characters are great and the love story between Talorc and Abigail is truly wonderful and heartwarming.
Abigail is an amazing heroine. How she handles life although she is deaf is great and to read how she grows stronger and stronger throughout the book is wonderful. Talorc is just as great as Abigail. The way he cares for her even when he thinks that she has betrayed him is awesome. It's also very fascinating to read how Talorc and his wolf fall in love with Abigail.
There is a second love story in the book that is also beautiful and special. I'm not going to tell you who is involved in it, but let's just say that I was positivly suprised by the open-minded way Lucy Monroe wrote it (hint: same-sex couple).
I also enjoyed reading about the Sinclair clan, how they welcomed Abigail and especially how they admired her after they realized that she is deaf.
It was also very nice to meet Emily and Lachlan from "Moon Awakening" again.
Although there are paranormal (werewolves) elements in the book it's mainly a love story. So even if you are normally not a fan of these kinds of stories you should give "Moon Craving" a try.

So all in all "Moon Craving" is amazing and one of the best books by Lucy Monroe so far. I'm already excited for the next books by this great author.

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  1. Thanks, Sabrina...your review brought tears to my eyes. Man, I can be such a sap! But it's always a blessing to discover readers really appreciate a story so close to a writer's heart. :)

    Lucy :)




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