22 February 2010

Do you stalk books? I do!

Let's talk about going crazy over books that are not even published.

Right now I'm book-stalking "Savo(u)r the Moment" by Nora Roberts. Every day I check on amazon if the publication date has changed or if there is some more info out. Ever since I finished "Bed of Roses" I have been so excited for the next book in the bride quartet series. Laurel and Del are two of my fav characters ever and I also love the friendship between Laurel, Parker, Em and Mac. So I guess it's no wonder that I'm going crazy over "Savour the Moment".
Every day I update my countdown and whenever 10 more days of waiting are over I'm so happy and relieved. But still it's more than two months until the official publication date and somehow I have to get through this time.
So I will continue to search for new info and with every day I will get more excited to finally read "Savour the Moment".

So let's be honest, do you stalk books, too?

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