04 January 2010

Time to say goodbye but also time to say hello

In 2009 I stopped reading two authors that I enjoyed for years (sad face).
I always liked their books but last year I suddenly realized that I just don't enjoy them anymore.
It seems that I have changed in a certain direction and the two authors changed their way to write in the exactly opposed direction.
Both authors started to let their heroines go through more and more horrible situations (like rape, unspeakable brutality and so on) and I realized that this is nothing I want to read in my romances. Especially if half of a book is made up by rape scenes but at the end the victim is all of a sudden ok again.
So even if I had a bad feeling about it I decided to stop reading the authors and also put their most brutal books in the trash (and I normally hate to throw away books).

Right now there are two other authors that I also think about stopping to read. One published the worst four book series I have ever read last year (highlights: hero 1 who didn't care about his own daughter for years, heroine 2 who was too stupid to use a condom when having sex with the man (about 30 years older than her) her father tried to force her to marry - of course she ended up pregnant and then married the old guy although she was in love with a guy her age (sex with him was of course always with a condom) and to make things even worse, hero 4 was so mean and criminal through books 1-3 but of course at the end he really was a good guy - just thinking about it makes me want to throw up). So you see why I'm thinking about stopping to read this author.

The other authours seems to care more about scenery and technical details than characters and that's a major problem for me.
I will give them both another chance and really hope that I will fall in love with their new books just the way I did with their older ones (which I still love to reread).

So, I could be sad (and I was for some time) but then realized that it's only natural to change the authors you read. You change, authors change and you have to determine for yourself if you and the author still are on the same page.

And even though I lost two authors last year and may loose two more this year I found about 10 new authors to read.
Authors that create the heroines I like (strong and not pathetic), heroes I adore (strong and caring) and stories that I want to read again and again.
So in the end I'm really excited about the new authors I already discovered and about the ones that will follow (I'm checking my recommendations on amazon nearly daily!).

I'm sure you can relate to changing the authors you read and hope that you also are excited to try out books by authors you never have heard about. Let's celebrate discovering new authors and don't be sad or disappointed about letting old ones go.

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