27 January 2010

Review: Magnate's Mistress ... Accidentally Pregnant! - Kimberly Lang

When sensible and reliable Ally Smith meets sexy Chris Wells she feels lucky for the first time in months. After ending the relationship with her cheating ex-fiance she decided to go on her honeymoon - even though there is no husband!

She spends some relaxed, care-free and hot days and nights with Chris, but when she has to go home because of a family emergency she leaves without saying goodbye or giving him her telephone number. Ally wants to enjoy her newfound freedom some more before thinking about a new relationship.

Six weeks after Ally left him Chris contacts her (he found out her address) because he wants more than just a few nights. But when he realizes that they are going to be parents things change. He is furious with Ally for not informing him about the baby and he is also very interested in being a hands-on daddy to his child.

Ally has to deal with the changes in her life and also with the growing feelings for Chris, who turns out to be so much more than the relaxed guy she met on vacation. In real life he is a thrill-loving shipping tycoon, but his money, power and adventures don't impress Ally. To the contrary she hopes for a quieter life than Chris offers her.
In the end Chris has to rethink his priorities in life if he wants to have a future with Ally and their child.

"Magnate's mistress ... accidentically pregnant" by Kimberly Lang is just the way I like books by Harlequin. It's funny, sweet, sexy and both main characters are great.

Ally is a great heroine who changes into a strong woman throughout the book. At the beginning she is a bit of a doormat and her family takes advantage of her regularly. But because of her pregnancy and Chris she realizes that it's time to concentrate on her own life and needs. Chris is a typical Harlequin hero. A bit arrogant and when he wants something he does everything to get it. Together they are a great pair because both can learn things from each other. Ally to stand up more for herself and Chris to consider other people's feelings before acting.

So all in all this was a great read and I will definitely look for more books by Kimberly Lang in the future.

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