14 January 2010

Review: Forbidden Heat - Opal Carew

"Forbidden Heat" by Opal Carew is a very sexy and lovely erotic romance that left me happy and with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Danielle Rayne's quiet and simple life is about to change.
When she meets two of her former best friends, Jack and Trey, again, she realizes how much she missed their friendship. Trey and Jack were a pair when Danielle last met them and she always admired their great relationship. But when she learns that they broke up years ago she realizes that things have changed.
In college she was in love with both men but never did something about it. But now it's her chance to spend an exciting night with both of them.
What starts as a casual and very hot reunion soon changes when Danielle, Jack and Trey continue their unusual relationship and love finds it way into their hearts.

I enjoyed "Forbidden Heat" a lot. The characters are great and the relationship that develops between them is so fascinating, hot and also sweet.
There are a lot of very erotic and sexy scenes, so be prepared. The chemistry between Danielle, Jack and Trey is amazing and I loved every scene with the three of them.
Danielle is the focus of the relationship. She is a very sweet and caring person, who doesn't believe in love for herself. She wants to get Jake and Trey back together but can't stop from falling in love with both of them.
Jake and Trey are two hot and great guys, both need to accept that their realtionship has changed and that Danielle is the best thing that ever happened to them.

If you are a fan of erotic romances with strong characters you will love this book. I'm already excited for the next book by Opal Carew, which is coming in June 2010 and is called "Bliss".

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