24 January 2010

Review: Fantasy in Death - J.D. Robb

When Bart Minnock, co-owner of a popular video game firm, is found brutally murdered Eve Dallas takes the case. And it's not an easy one for Eve.
Bart seemed to be a great, happy guy that nobody had trouble with. But finding a motive is not the only problem for Eve. Another is to find out how Bart was decapitated without anybody else in the room.
Eve must get past her own convictions about what is possible in the real world to close this case and find justice for Bart.

What I love about "Fantasy in Death" is that it concentrates on friendship. So there are lots of interactions between Eve and her colleagues, especially Peabody and Nadine. The scenes between Nadine and Eve are awesome and I like how the dynamics in their friendship are portrayed.
I was relieved that the new case is not so dark and hard to read like the ones in "Kindred in Death".

Another thing I love about "Fantasy in Death" is that this time Eve is the strong one in the relationship with Roarke. Roarke has some trouble to deal with the case because he knew the victim but Eve is there for him just like he is always there for her. It's awesome to see how she handles the fights with him and is understanding even when he hits her below the belt (for once Roarke is not 100% perfect!). But of course there are also some sexy and very sweet scenes between Eve and Roarke and whenever I read about them as a pair I'm just happy.
The mystery part of the story was very interesting and I didn't know who the bad guy was until it was revealed.

So, "Fantasy in Death" is another awesome book by J.D. Robb and I'm already excited to read "Indulgence in Death", coming in November 2010.

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