16 December 2009

Review: Set up in Soho - Dee Davis

Set up in Soho by Dee Davis
published 2009
#2 in the Matchmaker Chronicles
bought my copy

"Set up in Soho", the second book in "The Matchmaker Chronicles", by Dee Davis is one of my favourite romances this year. It's funny, sweet, sexy and just great to read.

Andrea Sevalas is pretty happy with her life. She has a great job, awesome friends and a cute boyfriend. But then her boyfriend admits to cheating on her with a woman she despises. To make things even worse she falls in a cellar full of garbage on her way home from the party where she was humilated. But when she is rescued by an handsome stranger her luck seems to be back. Especially after she meets Ethan McCay, her rescuer, again some days later and Andrea is tempted to date him even though she just split from her ex. 
Life gets even more complicated when Andrea gets a great job opportunity, her matchmaking aunt Althea continues to meddle in her life and her new relationship with Ethan isn't as straightforward as Andrea hoped for.

If you haven't already read "A match made on Madison" I would really recommend you to do it before reading "Set up in Soho". It's a great book and "Set up in Soho" is so much more fun when you already know some of the characters and how their relationships started.

Dee Davis is a great author and her new book is fantastic. I especially love her characters and even though I'm normally liking lots of hot scenes I'm not missing them in this book.

Andrea is a great heroine. She knows what she wants from life but when she is confronted with Ethan right after her break-up she is unsure at how to handle the situation. Everything moves on a bit too fast and that's why she is doubting her own feelings. Ethan on the other hand is a guy who goes after what he wants and from the moment he rescued Andrea he knows that there is something very special between them. Their relationship has funny, sweet and some serious moments and right from the start I was rooting for a happy end for Andrea and Ethan. 

Another storyline I enjoyed a lot is between Andrea and Althea. Some of the moments between them are so bittersweet and I had to cry when Andrea finally realizes what Althea truly means to her. Althea is an extraordinary character and I admire her for wanting always the best for Andrea. 
There's also a really cute second lovestory between Andrea's friend Bethany and Michael so love is all around.
Furthermore I truly enjoyed meeting some of the characters from "A match made on Madison" again. To read how the relationships between Sybil and Stephen and Vanessa and Mark developed is just fantastic.

So all in all "Set up in Soho" is an awesome book and I hope that it won't be the last in "The Matchmaker Chronicles".

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