25 November 2009

Review: Dial Om for Murder - Diana Killian

The second book in the A Mantra for Murder Mysteries is another funny, great and relaxed hit.

Life has moved on and A.J. is still happy with her decision to stay and manage the yoga studio she inherited even though not everyone is excited about it.
Lily (co-manager at the studio and an old friend of her aunt) is trying to change the name of the studio and is questioning A.J. in general and especially her classes (doga and yoga for babies). But her clients love her and A.J. is finding more and more to herself and starts to really appreciate the gift her aunt made her. Even the relationship with hot detective Jake Oberlin seems to be very promising and life in general is just good (especially because her mom is on a cruise far away!).
But when one of A.J. 's celebrity students gets killed and another is making serious threats against her, A.J. soon decides to make her own inquiries. With help of her ex-husband Andy and her mom (who got back way too early) she stumbles from one dangerous situation into another and because she continues to interfere with his job, Jake even breaks up with her.
But A.J. is not one to give up and in the end her stubornness will help to solve the crime and her personal issues.

"Dial Om for Murder" is another hit by Diana Killian.
I like all the characters in (even annoying and crazy mom) and particularly A.J. is great. I enjoyed reading about how her life has changed and how she is fighting for her aunts dream and vision. A.J. is blooming in the yoga business and her relationship to Jack is also moving along and changing into something better and more stable (after they work through some issues). I love the scenes when A.J. is in "yoga mode", she's not fanatic about it but appreciates how the inheritance has already changed herself and is happy to give her new love to yoga back to her students.
What I also enjoyed about "Dial Om for Murder" is that all the characters got a chance to become deeper and especially that no change or development was rushed.
So I will definitely read the next book in the series to see how A.J. tries to stay out of police business and continues with her new life.

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