09 October 2009

Review: Sweet Seduction - Maya Banks

Salon owner Julie Stanford is tired of waiting for Nathan Tucker to finally realize that she is interested in him. So when after months Nathan still hasn't asked her out on a date or shown his interest she decides that it's time to move on. After one hot massage that leaves Nathan lusting for more she tells him that he had his chance and that now she is not longer interested in him. And what could be better to forget him than a anonymous threesome in Damons (from "Sweet Persuasion") club. But when Nathan finds out about her fantasy he knows that he has to be one of the men pleasuring Julie. He wants her for himself but now has to play after Julies rules. To win her back he has to get over being flustered around Julie and show her that he is just the perfect man for her.

Maya Banks is one of my favourite authors when it comes to erotic romances and "Sweet Seduction" is another great book by her. The book is funny, sexy as hell (if you don't get hot during some scenes something has to be wrong with you) and very entertaining.

I really enjoy heroines like Julie. She is a bit loud and very outspoken but also a great, loyal friend. Like Faith and Serena before she is a bit afraid of her relationship with Nathan because she fears to loose his love some day.

Nathan is all man but around Julie he couldn't be sweeter and more caring. I love the contrasts in him and even if he was a bit slow about going after Julie when he finally does it's so sexy and good.
What I also love about "Sweet Seduction" is that not only are Nathan and Julie a great and very sexy pair but that the reader learns more about the relationships of Gray and Faith (from "Sweet Surrender") and Damon and Serena (from "Sweet Persuasion"). It's wonderful to see how the two pairs are getting even closer and move on to the next step of their relationships. I also enjoyed all the new info about Micah and Connor. Both guys are very interesting and I can't wait to read their stories (Micahs story is next, "Sweet Temptation" is coming April 2010).

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