08 October 2009

Review: The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess - Chantelle Shaw

When shy princess Kitty Karedes meets billionaire Nikos Angelaki at a palace ball she is fascinated by him from the first second and spends a wonderful night with him. But because Nikos thinks she is an ordinary waitress and because in real life Kitty is very self-conscious she leaves him while he is still sleeping. Nikos searches for weeks for "waitress Rina" until he realizes that the woman he is looking for is actually Kitty Karedes and that she is pregnant with his child. To prevent a royal scandal they decide to marry. What starts as a marriage of convenience soon changes when the attraction between Nikos and Kitty gets too big to ignore. But to really be happy Kitty needs one more thing, Niko's love!

"The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess" by Chantelle Shaw is so far my favourite of the "The royal house of Karedes" series. I like that Kitty is in her heart more of a scholar than a princess and I love how Nikos helps her to become more self-confident. Nikos is an arrogant greek but with a soft spot for Kitty. The way he is trying to make her more comfortable and happy is just sweet. Together they are a lovely pair and I'm already excited to see how the series will continue.

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