25 October 2009

Review: The Christmas Love-Child - Jennie Lucas

Shy and broke secretary Grace knows that it's a bad idea to be attracted to her boss's enemy. But after meeting Russian billionaire Prince Maksim in person she just can't forget him. He's the first man that makes her feel beautiful instead of plain and boring. But even though she spends one night playing Cinderella with Maksim Grace stays loyal to her boss Alan. 

For Prince Maksim it's all about revenge against the man who stole an important merger for him. He plans to use Grace to get the information he needs to take Alan Carrington down. But soon after meeting Grace he realizes that he found an extraordinary jewel he doesn't want to loose. 
Soon they are in a relationship that makes them happy, but Maksim's plans of revenge and his lies at the beginning of their relationship stand in the way of their future and in the end break them up. 
When Grace realizes that she is pregnant and Maksim forces her to marry him there seems to be no love left between them. To have a happy end both have to work on trusting each other again. 

"The Christmas Love-Child" by Jennie Lucas is one of my favourite Harlequins this year. 
Grace is a lovely character and I enjoyed how she got stronger during her time with Maksim. She's hard working and does everything to help her family survive. But even though she needs money desperately she doesn't let herself be bought. Maksim on the other hand is a hard character that at the beginning does everything to make more money because he was dirt poor in his childhood. I like that soon after meeting Grace he decides to not use her and even let's go of his revenge through her. Of course the books ends with a beautiful happy end and I will for sure check out the next book by Jennie Lucas.

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