29 October 2009

Review: Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts

If you are looking for a classic romance with only a little bit of drama and lots of love, friendship and fun, then "Bed of Roses" will be a perfect choice.Emmaline Grant's job is all about creating the perfect wedding day. As a florist and partner of "Vows" she is living her dream. She believes in love and hopes to someday have the kind of relationship her parents share. But she still hasn't found the one man with whom she wants to dance in the moonlight.

When suddenly the relationship to commitment shy architect Jack Cooke changes and they realize that there is more between them then just being good friends, Emma is excited but also a little bit afraid. She doesn't want to loose Jack as a friend but can't say no to the new path their relationship is going. Because she soon realizes that Jack has some flaws (he's a man so that's to be excepted) but that he also might be just perfect for her.

Wonderful characters, a beautiful story that concentrates on love and friendship and Nora Robert's love for details makes this the perfect book to forget everyday life.Emma is a great heroine even though in real life it's hard not to hate a woman like her. She's beautiful, outgoing, intelligent, loves her life and job, has the best friends you can imagine and her parents are the perfect couple. But because she is also very kind and funny you just have to love her (I guess some envy is ok).
Through the detailed description of her work (it's like the bouquets and arrangements are right in front of you) the reader can share the enthusiasm and love for her work and get's a close connection to Emma. Jack is a man of action who's sexy and very manly. He enjoys his life as much as possible and works as hard as he plays. Commitment is not something he likes to think about because of the doubts his parents divorce left him with. So it's clear that in a relationship with Emma, who believes in love and marriage, there has to be some trouble (but thank god not too much).
His relationship with Emma is kind of sweet because even though they have been friends for years, as lovers there's a lot to learn and discover.

What I also enjoyed is how Jack and Del have to work through some issues because of Emma. Del is very protective of his girls and extremely sceptical about their guys and Jack is no exception. The scenes between Del and Jack add a lot to the book and make me also very excited to read more of Del.The drama and confusion at the turning point of Emma's and Jack's relationship is just right and I love how the four friends (plus Carter) stick together to support Emma.Carter has some awesome scenes (all I can say is playing poker with the guys) and the relationship between Mac and him is another highlight of the book.

So all in all I absolutly love "Bed of Roses" and can't wait for the next two books in the series.

Especially because now it's clear that Laurel and Del and Parker and Mal will be starring in the next two books. Laurel has been my favourite so far and after reading the excerpt for "Savour the Moment" (coming April 2010) I can't wait to learn more about her and Del. Parker's and Mal's first meeting is so hilarious and makes me excited for book four "Happy ever after" (coming December 2010).

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  1. For some reason the last few years, I went off the boil for NR fare until I found & read the Bed of Roses 1 & 2.

    I fell head over heels again for Ms Roberts romance writing. A good thing because her four heroines are smart, confident, sassy,sexy, funny and very real, so that we cannot help but to root for them through all their trials & tribulations in finding their way to true love.

    Although I enjoyed both Emma & Mac`s journeys, I am so excited about Laurel & Del. Laurel is probably the most emotionally scarred of the women and it will take a very special (and sexy ...) man like Delaney Brown(love the name) to set the course for their much awaited union.

    The build up/set up of their `ship in Pt 2 to what`s in store for them was done so well, that April seems like million years away!




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